More and more people from Istanbul travel to Krakow every year. Together with KrakowDirect transfer company we want to offer special transfer and tour service. 

The big advantage for travelers to Krakow, is that the city has its airport not so far from the center – only 15 km. Krakow airport transfer takes around 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. English speaking driver will introduce you to all practical information about the transport, prices and local rules.  

Wawel hill in Krakow

Although the city is quite small, it’s the destination for people from around the world. It has something to offer for everyone. It used to be King’s City and many rulers were struggling to conquer the kingdom. We can still find plenty of monuments, castles and forts from the distant past. Wawel castle is one of the most important monument in the city and is a place where many prominent kings were buried or consecrated. Its architecture its very unique. Even during your Krakow airport transfer you will be able to admire the royal atmosphere of Krakow. At the same time, it becomes more and more modern and international. The wide range of festivals happening in Krakow attracts many extraordinary artists.  

KrakowDirect will provide you with a complex transfer service containing: 

  • Krakow airport transfer  
  • mini van/private car 
  • lunch box 
  • safe transportation to your appartement 
  • English speaking driver,  
  • free guided tour to the one chosen destination. 

The company offers free guided destinations: 

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine tour – an amazing underground world made of salt.
  • Krakow walking tour  – the best highlights of the city during fascinating walk.
  • Schindler’s factory tour  – Oskar Schindler’s original enamel factory and incredible stories of his employees.
  • Cloth halls tour – Amazing underground museum.
Cloth Halls in the Main Square

It is crucial to choose the free tour in advance. You can realize your tour right after Krakow airport transfer or within 3 days from your arrival. If you wish to go on one of the tours later, we can arrange for a special price. We care about our clients and try to make their travels maximally convenient.